Navesta adheres to both local and global regulatory agencies and requirements when it comes to its products and facilities. The company carefully follows all current standards and recognises future trends for tougher, more conservative rules and regulations.


Horana Factory

Navesta's Horana factory manufactures dry powder injectables of Beta Lactam. The manufacturing plant is the first of its kind in Sri Lanka and is located in Millewa, Horana divisional council in the Kaluthara district with a total floor area of 40,000 sq.ft offering job opportunities to over 200 individuals.
Navesta location

Sri Lanka

Navesta has rooted itself in Sri Lanka in order to take advantage of the country’s natural resources, the island nation’s strategic location for logistics, and for the country’s historic medical knowledge. Located in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka’s extremely fertile and pure eco-system enables Navesta with the best environment for operations. The country’s progressive development strengthens Navesta’s economic outlook, and Sri Lanka’s high concentration of knowledge permits Navesta with the best employees and strategic partners.

Production Facilities

Navesta has obtained the approvals from all relevant local authorities for the procurement, production and distribution of our products. The company complies with Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Health’s (MoH) rules and regulations and is certified by the Board of Investments (BOI). Navesta has obtained permits and approvals under the Urban Development Authority (UDA), Central Environmental Authority (CEA), National Medicines Regulatory Authority (NMRA), Horana Divisional Council and the Water Resources Board.

At Navesta we recognise future trends for tougher, more stringent rules and regulations. With this in mind, we continually practice strict guidelines and comply with all new international paradigms.

From the employees to the equipment within the manufacturing facilities, Navesta benchmarks and maintains the highest international compliance.

Maintaining a sterile environment is vital in ensuring that Navesta's products are safe and of the highest grade for the end consumer. To ensure the sterility of the drugs, quality control methods such as factory operation under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), maintenance of the utilities, facilities, machinery, and people are in placed as per aseptic processing norms.

Navesta maintains strict total quality assurance across the supply chain to adhere to international Good Manufacturing Practices. Navesta's quality control begins on its premises from the equipment, personnel, products and procedures. The company employs raw material testing, manufacturing controls and procedures, quality control department, packaging material testing, and finished product testing to ensure a constant quality benchmark. Finally, Navesta keeps stringent records throughout the entire manufacturing process, sample testings, and stability controls to comply with all rules and regulations.