Navesta manages its manufacturing facilities and supply network through an agile, evolution model that enables it to adapt to the constant restructuring of the international pharmaceutical industry. Navesta’s facilities-management strategy offers strategic space and capacity planning solutions, enabling flexible delivery models. Future planning of Navesta aligns with a portfolio strategy that’s developed with all of the company’s stakeholders to balance finances with operations through key business planning, asset planning, and a master manufacturing plan.

Navesta Pharmaceuticals Heatsink


  • Navesta invested in latest plant and machinery of WHO and EU-GMP standard and further investing into upgrading into higher standards
  • Navesta has obtained industries best expertise to qualify and validate such equipment in current cGMP norms
Navesta Pharmaceuticals apothecary


  • Navesta has invested in gathering the best resources and knowledge with its leading international team.
  • Navesta has invested in Sri Lanka’s best human resources pool by gathering local knowledge to deliver its mission
  • Navesta utilises the industry’s best software to deliver efficiency, transparency and compliance in accordance with regulated global pharmaceutical standards
Navesta Pharmaceuticals Shelves


  • Navesta’s facilities and manufacturing planning enables its plants to be agile and scale for any order.
  • Navesta’s top priority is to deliver quality that’s reliable and on time.